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Anyone crazy enough want to play a 99 stock game of Super Smash sometime? With items. So it goes a lot faster.
Jul 22 2017 07:11 AM
  • torgo's Photo
    This is what you do the day after Splatoon 2 is released? You're dead to me.
    Jul 22 2017 06:07 PM
  • Robok's Photo
    I would only do this if it had to be an Alph ditto match
    Jul 22 2017 10:38 PM
  • SuperTeeter64's Photo
    lol All these comments.
    Lag? Why worry about lag when it's going to be pure chaos?
    Yay for Plant being down!
    And G-Tech!
    And Torgo hating on me.
    And Robok and his silly Alph wanting.
    Jul 23 2017 03:43 PM