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Welp. R.I.P. any chance of getting a SNES Mini... Thanks stores for putting up your preorders late at night and not sending notifications. Siiiiiigh. Oh well. Shit happens.
Aug 22 2017 05:28 AM
  • torgo's Photo
    There's still Target! And *shudder* GameStop. Or even worse, MaloMart.
    Aug 22 2017 07:26 AM
  • Ngamer01's Photo
    Target and MaloMart all gone. Watch GameStop hoard their units for bundles like they did NES Classic. Fuckers. >=/
    Aug 22 2017 09:27 AM
  • Plant42's Photo
    Lame Plant42
    Does the filter work in the status field too? Test: CONTRACT AIDS LIKE A MOTHERFUCKER
    Aug 23 2017 04:06 AM