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Writing Improvisions

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Posted 19 January 2014 - 07:18 PM

Fuck it; I'm just going to turn this into its own thread and post these as I do them.


The goal is to take instrumental songs that are kind of long and write to them. My friend Thomas has a knack for progression, and this sometimes reminds me of stories. So, I take the title as my base, turn the song on, and write until the song is over. Editing is light as I want to preserve whatever comes.


The first entry is called "Nowhere"


The song is called "Nowhere" and can be found here.

Thomas's youtube page can be found here.




Nowhere. I am nowhere and that's okay because nowhere is the best place to be. Things float and turn and build off me, but still I'm nowhere and that's where I wish to be.


My life wishes to be somewhere, but my mind craves the place I'm in; art wishes for me to do something, but nowhere is all I'll ever give. There's a time and place for everything and everywhere, but I'm outside and living in nowhere.


I love it all I truly do, and I tell myself this because I love you.


You hate me much but I don't care, you can fuck yourself and leave nowhere. I'm staying here I'm staying mine; you're too sick to see it's time.

It's not the place it's not the curse, it's everything that's always worse. So I'll live here in my state of being, trapped in love and constant dreaming.


The colors swirl the pace is bleak, but I love it all and so I speak. I see deep blues and oranges red; it's a cascade of cacophony and wonder dread.


This nowhere life is better yet, I see a black come into it.


The black is right the black is right and I wish to see it fill with might, for might is right and I'm not wrong, this nowhere life is something won. Oh holy shit and fucking bliss, I love it all and taste its kiss.


so sweet on my lips so joyous and ripe, It's like biting into the apples of all time. So pause and wonder but stay here now, this nowhere place of joyous sound.


There is a wizard in nowhere; he's black and grim but smiles for me. He casts his spells and makes me see, and now I know what I want to be. He bleeds in time and waves his hands, this nowhere man with magic trance. I see him casting I see him look, his metronome is something broke. But that's how it works in nowhere land, and a fire erupts out into minds. Do you see it please see it with me now it swirls and sparkles and makes no sound. I can almost here it though and it's telling me that nowhere is where I want to be.


So help me stay or go away but I don't give a fuck anymore this day. The wizard smiles the wizard smiles and all I want is that wizard's smile. His power is bright and holy and all I want is something more. But more doesn't exist and that's okay, for there are colors swirling around and around and around.


I see a dragon fly above, stuck with me in constant love. He's like a dove but so much more, and that's the power of nowhere's door. It makes and makes but does nothing with, and I smile and shake in mirthful bliss. Don't you see how fun it is, to know so much but take no risk? That's the power of nowhere's door, and I'm stuck inside forever more.


It's a love love relationship and I'll never leave. So please step aside while I continue to bleed. In nowhere now in nowhere yes. I'm happy so happy and that's what's best.


Thank you bye, thank you mine, I'm off to someplace.

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Posted 27 January 2014 - 06:05 PM

Here's number two. Music is by the same person, and all the rules still apply. I wrote it with a fairly bad headache so it got kind of dark.


The song is called "Until I Bleed (The Last Straw)" and can be found here.

Thomas's Youtube page can be found here.


"Until I Bleed"


I feel it splinter I feel it crack I feel it winter I feel it snap. You test me you test me god damn but you test me, and now I feel it about come down to nothing.


I'm waiting and I'm waiting, and I see you about to deliver the something no one wants yet you feel compelled to give.


And now I'm bleeding because you are a fucking bitch; and now I'm bleeding and bleeding and this is all your fucking fault. I've waited for far too long to wait it out but now I'm bleeding and you don't care at all.


I hate you truly I hate you well, I hate you every day; cant you tell? It's great and divine and I'm stuck in winter, but that's okay because I'm bleeding and that's just a simple sign that I'm right.


It sludges and seeps out through my pours like a drunken waterfall made of sores. I watch the red turn into black and thick with oil from some hatefelt lack of thought of love or anything nice. It oozes and runs now down my person, a flowing river that turns into an ocean. It pools and pools and my feat are wet from the blood I shed you worthless bitch.


It sludges and seeps and continues to drown the floor is all red but there are no lights or sounds. You stand before me and watch with envy and might as I bleed and bleed from this broken windless right. Are you afraid? No. Neither am I.


My calves are wet from the blood I have spilled, and still it rises up into the nether of this world. It covers you as well and neither of us can move while you talk and complain and I bleed onto the runway of leaving.


The night darkens into nothing but the blood gives off light that glows a sodden brown with a faint red bright. It smells pungent a metallic wonder, and it flows and it flows until we are both under.


I blink eyes which see nothing but ruby, and now I can't hear you anymore. I've bled to death but there is solace in silence as I smile in pure bliss.


The blood keeps falling from nowhere now, it covers the everything and adds to the soundless sound. I can hear the ripples above quietly preaching a thing I don't understand yet want to keep listening. It's perfect.


I swim away from you.



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Posted 09 February 2014 - 06:56 PM

Number three. Different artist same rules.


The song is called "Ascension" and can be found here.

Kurtis's Soundcloud page can be found here.






I see them ascend to the faraway land where dreams are alive and everything can. I see them float with wings made of light, on vapors of love and a windless such endless night. It's beautiful. Everything is beautiful about them. They float and they float away from the terrible monstrosities that happen and I can only feel glad.




They are blue in their rising and it turns into silver as they soar away from troubles and monsters and the pilfering of fallen man. Blue. They are blue in their singing which is silent and lovely to my ears. Blue. They ascend to blue.




I watch them rise away.


And then the dragon comes.



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Posted 23 February 2014 - 07:48 PM

Number four. Back to Thomas. Put a slight amount of forethought into it, but it still wound up going in odd places. My bad, yet perhaps for the good.


The song is called "Inferno" and can be found here.

His Youtube page can be found here.




I light the match. I light the match. It's a big match.


I am happy.


Make it go up make it burn make it go up and stop the world from turning round and round in its massive ball of destructive ice. Make it burn make it burn make it explode and implode and reload as I grab another match and craft something so nice and wonderful as this conflagration.


I watch it burn and laugh out loud it's a wonderful sign this smoking cloud of ash and death that spreads across the land turning magic into decay and humanity into nothing more than a bland set of bones and rot. Let it burn let it burn and watch me smile as I get rid of everything I've ever got.


I'm more happy than I've ever been as I watch it burn watch it burn, I don't know why but it doesn't matter anymore. It's a burning mass of fire and of flames, an inferno of mass and temperate prayers.


Buildings crash and there's shattered glass; life falls and screams and burns and dreams away into fire so red and hot that it devours everything. I watch it burn.

For good measure I light another match, something small and insignificant that turns everything into what can and can't; for can't is the aim of this game, this inferno of fun and pleasure and pain.


I watch it burn. I watch it burn some more and smile and my friends they smile too. I'll burn them later when they aren't looking, and they'll gleefully succumb to that which makes energy.


It takes fire to make and it takes death to create and I've done my making and I'm done with creating, so I watch it burn and burn and I laugh and learn that I'm not what I should be or what you thought of me, and that's okay because now there's just nothing left.


I've burned it all.


I've made it gone.


I'm happy.


But why are you frowning at me? Why are you sad? Is it because I've broken the only thing worth loving, is it because I've gone mad? Friend, family, lover, person of wonder:


I've always been mad.


But that's okay because it's a happy mad, and look at what I've done! I've burned it all. I've created and defeated but most of all I've just enjoyed. See it laugh as it falls away! See how happy everything is when there's nothing? Because everything is a sad thing, a jealous thing, a worthless thing that doesn't want to be. We've forced it, don't you see? How can you not?


I see you nod. Yes. You understand. Now take this match and light it. Enjoy. This is all about having fun. This is all about watching things burn. Let's make an inferno, a volcano, a tornado of fire.


Let's watch it burn.


~Signed with love,




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Posted 31 March 2014 - 07:36 PM

The song is called "Just my Time" and can be found here.

His Youtube page can be found here.


"Just My Time"


Go away, please, it's just my time you see, so go away please and just let me be me for a time.


The world demands too much much too much and sometimes I'm tired of this and that and such and such, so go away and let me be so I can enjoy some time alone with me and the trees and summer rains which fall from a cloudless sky devoid of pains and aches and lighting strikes. It all comes down to alone and right, and right I feel in this pleasant rain which is warm and soft and soothes all pains and frames my mind in perfection now, teaming peace and fervent drown.


I close my eyes and dream awake; the wind it smiles and lets me escape away on drafts of summer.


My time is mine, a fleeting thing a glory sound a wonder feeling to just be alone in the open air, to sleep away without a care. Rest in peace my loving friends, for resting is the final end.


Enjoy your time of life and wonder spice that variety brings and creation sings but know my friend that it will cease to be and you'll peaceful see that ends aren't so bad. Don't feel sad for me or for you, elation is the proper mood. We've lived so well both you and I, my perfect friend so near my side, and I see you frown but it's alright, truly I say the end is nigh and bright and without night.


It's this peaceful time this joyous time.




I'll miss you.



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Posted 22 April 2014 - 05:38 PM

Thomas’s youtube page can be found here.

The song can be found here.


“The Stars are Smiling”


The stars are smiling, looking down on all us milling as the sky decides to turn away from green. Gently freeing always breathing they watch us as they twinkle sway. Loving laughter causing wonder, I look up towards a setting sun. The sky it darkens, the wind it harkens, as I lovely looking inwards on.


The stars are smiling, looking down on all us milling as the sky concedes in a gentleman bow. Time is turning always learning that smiling stars are coming out to see the now.


Green is the world as the shade sets in, the moon in crescent the saviors din of blissful heat of summer’s night. Crickets chirp and light it flirts with darkness and the darkness wins. But the stars they smile and light won’t vanish; peaceful is the victor’s twin.


Windows open and smiles shine up at those that shine far down below. The stars they watch as the beautiful people on Earth forever grow and grow away.

Because devils aren’t the norm, nor is the tired of decay; speciality thrives in the smallest places of our hearts, and that’s where sadness goes to die. Goodness is the basis for life.


The stars they smile because they know, and while we might bicker, still we grow. So they smile and the nightscape deepens, because the night is the time for reflection sleeping.Twinkle on oh pleasant friends, you see the best while we see the end.



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Posted 09 May 2014 - 08:06 PM

Thomas’s youtube page can be found here.


Hypnotic Eyes of Sin and Grace can be found here.


“Hypnotic Eyes of Sin and Grace”


The snake slithers down with beautiful eyes, all covered in diamonds and wonderful smiles. I look at him with lovingly and listen to him speak; I want nothing more than to appear meek and weak and horribly sneaky. He starts his talking at once, I’m walking and letting him follow me to paths of life; he’s a beautiful thing with perfect words, and I want nothing more than to pledge my life.


I stare into his eyes of sinful grace and listen to his lies of perfect pace. He tells me to do, and listen I comply in compliance filled with wonder right.


And there’s the tree.

And there’s the tree.

And there’s the tree.


I take the fruit and it tastes so good; fuck I swear as I elevate my mood because it’s the most perfect thing I’ve ever seen and this snake is telling me all I need to know and hear and know and hear my open ears are open now to the fortune of a people born to grow away from tyrants rule and laughter’s cruel irony.


I eat the fruit.


Sorry I feel as I tell my husband now; he looks at me with scornful sounds that aren’t said but seen as he weeps great tears that are obscene.

Angels fly overhead screaming sounds that are nothing dread for yonder we must go away; the rules we broke, we cannot stay.


Sorry I feel as Gabriel tries to tell me that powerful words are nothing but lies, but he looks to the ground which is covered in grace, and I know in my heart that I’ll erase it all into a nothing, for there’s more to this than I see coming.


The flaming sword it falls and bars the path, and misery is where we’re told to walk. Grace is gone replaced by sin and pain.


But I smile at he who frowns and cries, for there’s more to life than talking skies; let’s see where we can go and what we can be, that snake he lied but he gave me abilities.


Now I see.

Now I see.

Now I see.


Let life be good, let wisdom win; search well you all, search well my friend.



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Posted 19 June 2014 - 05:20 PM

The song "Electric Hobo Robo" can be found here


Kurtis’ soundcloud page can be found here


“Electro Hobo Robo”



The vagabond has bags of none and walks the streets of dust and dirt. He’d smile if he could, God knows he would, but he’s a thing made of metal and worth. So he walks, and so he talks to streets populated by one. He doesn’t know what will happen now, but that doesn’t matter because he’s got the world of home.


They all left you see, the people that built him and his brothers all, but now the Earth is a barren thing, populated by broken calls and wanting wants.


The dragons came and chased them away, and so now he walks forever all day, for programming is what programming does and the vagabond of metallic was, can only walk as he breaks away.


He carries with him dreams of sheep, this robot man who cannot weep, but dreams are worth more than possessions; he tells himself this as he possesses a great-most happiness that life will someday return to a better thing where robots can dream of more than electric sheep.


And so he walks and so he talks to what wildlife still lives him by. The birds they chirp as they feast on trash left behind by those who took towards the skies.


The dragons still fly overhead, they brought a revolution that ended dread, but the robots stayed and now the earth is there’s, and they’ll do what they can to make a new home.


But vagabonds they now all are, wandering wandering beneath the stars where robots can no longer go for dreams they have but somethings can never be so.


So they walk.

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Posted 01 August 2014 - 09:07 PM

Song is Muse of the Storm by Thomas Rakowitz.


Thomas’s youtube channel can be found here.


“Muse of the Storm”


A storm blew in of blues and greys; it came upon in glory haze. I watched the rain drop upon my face, and listened closely for the human race. I want so much to love and joy, but cynicism it only only destroys.


But the rain it spoke and washed away, and maybe there was wisdom hidden beneath arrays of water that drips and drops and shines when the sunlight bestows its wondrous smiles.


The rain it came and drowned all life in perfect memory in stupid strife, where everything can blend and blur, and that’s the way I want to end.


A storm blew in of blues and greys, a perfect thing of perfect swaying back and forth to water drops and falling stops.


Stop the thoughts and stop the poison; stop the horror kill the drowning depression. Wait and wait and enjoy the now while the rain falls down and down and down.



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Posted 27 August 2014 - 07:33 PM

This song is from Thomas Rakowitz, His Soundcloud page can be found here:

The song is “My Kind” and can be found here


My Kind


I look at my kind and speak of my kind, the people who are different to all who are blind.


I look at my kind, the kind who are kind, the people who are different to all who aren’t mine. I look at my kind and see those who love, those who hate, and those who wonder what will happen next. Because life is a fucked up thing, a crazy ride, a wonderlust journey, a chasm divide.


Do you look at me and wonder and see? Do you look at him or her or these people who are different, who want more than what the world can make? Do you look at us and see something you hate? Do you look at us, at my fucking kind, and think something irate, something not great, something filled with an unmaking of society?


Because fuck you if you do.


We are here, this kind of mine. We are here to grab the world, to make it ours, to create and procreate, and make, and stake our lives on ideals filled with the shit you hate. You can’t stop us. God help us all because you can’t stop us. God help you, but you can’t fucking stop us.


My kind are here, to do more than you can say, to change this world in the best of ways. One day we’ll see it, a place worth living, a shining sun, a bitter shiver of people giving more than they get, of solos and sequences of soliloquies of representing more than what we are.


We are artists and lovers and makers and mothers and fathers and wonders and fuck you for every bad thing you’ve ever thought. We will one day own it all; we will one day grasp the things we’ve forever sought.


I look towards the future and see a divide, and happily I sit, resting inside. There are those who love and those who hate, and there are my kind who represent some middle thing, waiting forever to take over the god damned motherfucking world.

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