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Super Mario Odyssey for Nintendo Switch

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#41 SuperTeeter64


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Posted 14 October 2017 - 07:29 PM

d67.gif Just gonna leave this here.

#42 Lame Plant42


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Posted Yesterday, 09:06 AM


But he never threw his hat in GE N64, right? He was just a short cheapass that you can't see. :P

#43 Ridley Scott Ngamer01


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Posted Yesterday, 09:18 AM

Yeah GE N64 didn't have the capabilities to allow Oddjob to use his hat as a weapon.  Everyone used him though to have a shorter hitbox (and he is hard to see on dark maps).  It was GE Wii that gave Oddjob the ability to throw his hat instead of frags.

#44 torgo


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Posted Yesterday, 07:10 PM

I played the demo at the local Target tonight (all 5 minutes of it, then it kicks you out). I gotta say, it feels pretty SMG to me. It encourages you to play with split JoyCons, although I played with the puppy controller. My biggest problem was it defaults to having inverted (or what I call inverted, because it's the wrong direction) y-axis settings for the camera. As in, it's set that if you push up on the right stick, the camera pans up. So that made playing a little harder when I'm trying to swing the camera around.


Lots of controls, lots of moves, I didn't get into most of them. Sounds like some moves can only be done with JoyCons, but I didn't dig around to find out if they mapped some of it to buttons or not. Seems like they could have, since they have a couple of times where more than one button does the same thing.


Can't comment on Plant's bitchings, since they're Plant bitchings. But I look forward to playing it in 2 weeks. Gotta go finish off Ganon, maybe this Tuesday I'll finish that off.

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