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Super Mario Bros. 2 / Super Mario USA

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Posted 11 August 2017 - 07:14 AM



Way back during the NES era, Nintendo released the second game in the Super Mario Bros. main series in America.  It took everything you thought you knew about Mario from the original Super Mario Bros. and turned it on its ear.  In this game Mario had a dream about a mysterious place called Subcon.  When Mario entered Subcon, a voice cried out for help.  Apparently Subcon was taken over by a being named Wart.  Mario suddenly woke up surprised at this dream.  When Mario joined his brother, Peach, and Toad for a picnic the next day, Mario told them of his dream.


They spot a cave nearby their picnic spot and decide to explore it.  In said cave was the same entrance to Subcon, the same entrance Mario went through in his dream!  The game would be notable for several things each that would become established foundations to the Mario universe.  One it made Luigi very different from Mario in terms of looks and abilities (Luigi was a palette swap of Mario no longer), it made Peach and Toad playable, and it introduced a number of Mario mainstays like Shyguys, Bob-ombs, and the very controversial Birdo.  One mechanic though never made a true comeback (throwing things).  In later games, Mario would be limited in the amount of stuff he could throw so he had to deal with unthrowable things differently.


The game's development also had interesting twists.  See Super Mario Bros. 2 in America only came to be since at the time NCL released their own Super Mario Bros. 2 in Japan that would later be known as The Lost Levels in America.  Japan's SMB 2 would be a very difficult expansion to the original Super Mario Bros.  In fact it was so difficult, Nintendo of America refused to localize Japan's Super Mario Bros. 2, but instead asked NCL to turn Doki Doki Panic into Super Mario Bros. 2 for American audiences.  If you want to read up on Doki Doki Panic, click here.  As sorta brought up before, this would become an irony.  NoA ended up localizing Japan's SMB 2 for America as The Lost Levels thanks to Super Mario All-Stars for SNES and America's SMB 2 would be released in Japan as Super Mario USA!


Now to the main point of this thread:  A hacker has revealed a new type of Shy Guy from America's Super Mario Bros. 2 that was cut from the original release!



If this Shy Guy had made it in, the lil' guy would chase after Mario non-stop until either Mario moved on, ditched it in a pit, or defeated it by throwing things/POW Blocks/Super Star.  So yeah discuss anything American Super Mario Bros. 2 here.

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