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Nintendo to Close Wii Shop Channel in 2019

nintendo wii wii shop channel service discontinuation end of an era rip 2006-2019

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#1 Ngamer01


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Posted 29 September 2017 - 06:44 AM





Even though NoA hasn't updated yet, we expect them to announce the Wii Shop Channel closure too.  Basically this is how the timeframe will go...(will be updated as things warrant)


1) Until March 26/27th, 2018, you can continue to use the Wii Shop Channel as usual on Wii consoles or in Wii U's Wii Mode.


2) After March 26/27th, 2018, you will no longer be able to add Wii Points via the current methods as the Wii Shop Channel will start entering partially closed state.


3) On January 31st, 2019, the Wii Shop Channel will stop selling software (however redownloading* will continue though until a unspecified time in 2019 -- the time where the Wii Shop Channel will fully close will be announced at a later date).


If you don't have a Wii U and want to keep some of your Wii Virtual Console purchases, you should get a Wii U and initiate a Wii to Wii U system transfer ASAP!  This will carry over most** VC purchases***.  You'd only have to rebuy them for as little as a buck to two bucks each.  Please note that the Wii U VC does not have crossbuy so any VC games from Wii that got rereleased on 3DS too, you will not be able get them for free or for a discount on 3DS!  You'll have to pay full price on 3DS!


* NOTE 1 - Games/Apps with expired licenses may have the option of redownloading pulled.


** NOTE 2 - If certain Wii VC games have not been rereleased on Wii U, you will lose them entirely when the Wii Shop Channel fully closes.


*** NOTE 3 - Wii Channels and WiiWare will be lost on the Wii Shop Channel's full closure.  Check to see if the relevant apps/games have been rereleased on other platforms, but you may have to repurchase them though!  For example, you can get the Ace Attorney Trilogy on 3DS if you happen to lose the trilogy on WiiWare.  Also if you have Skyward Sword, you may want to snag the save file fix channel from the Wii Channels area of the Wii Shop Channel!


EDIT - NOA has announced the closure too.  Their page on this.

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#2 torgo


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Posted 29 September 2017 - 07:33 AM

Regarding Note 2, where are you getting the idea that you can't continue to play games downloaded once the shop closes? AFAIK, no Wii/Wii U shop games phone home to validate anything. I read through all the linked pages, and all I see is one saying, "... and you can continue to play your content as long as you don't delete the games." and on the UK site where they say, "... and would like them to continue to enjoy software downloaded from the shop."


No need to re-buy on Wii U if you just want to keep playing the Wii versions. Just don't delete them. Granted, if your Wii/Wii U kicks the bucket, then you're SOL. At that point it'll probably be time to buy a Wii for $5 at a garage sale, jailbreak it, and get your games through other means, if Nintendo drops all support. *Hides from Morgil*

#3 Ngamer01


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Posted 02 October 2017 - 07:27 AM

What I meant with the second note was that if say Nintendo rereleased Wii VC games that were never rereleased on Wii U and 3DS, you will have to rebuy said games at full price whenever they get rereleased since Nintendo is throwing out all of their Wii customer records unless people did a Wii to Wii U system transfer (of course this depends if Nintendo programmed Switch to read the Wii U eShop).


But yeah if you have homebrew, you can backup your stuff (even though Nintendo discourages personal backups) or if you want to be legit, you can use multiple SD cards to back up most things (the only save data that wouldn't be backuppable is saves for old NWFC games unless you're doing a Wii to Wii U system transfer).


Anyways here's another update from NoA:  https://gonintendo.c...america-details


For those that have not did a Wii to Wii U system transfer, please note that when the Wii Shop Channel fully goes offline, the ability to do Wii to Wii U system transfers will be lost!  Please make sure to do a Wii to Wii U system transfer ASAP if you have not done it!

#4 Ngamer01


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Posted 03 October 2017 - 04:15 PM



I don't know if this is still the case, but apparently everyone crashed the Wii Shop Channel as of yesterday.  NoA has not updated the network status page with any new information.  If the shop is still down, just give it time.  Nintendo can always impose flood control (ie shutting down the channel for limited times like they used to shut down the Nintendo eShops back when they got hammered years ago).

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