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Super Mario Sunshine -- The 2nd "Questionable" Super Mario Game

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Posted 07 October 2017 - 09:37 AM



Released in 2002 for the Nintendo GameCube, this entry in the long running Super Mario franchise brings Mario, Peach, and her staff of Toads to the island of Isle Delfino for a tropical vacation.  But when they get to the island, things are not what they seem.  Pollution seems to be everywhere and the Piantas are in a uproar about their island being desecrated.  Oddly, Mario finds a water pump/jetpack named FLUDD.  The Isle Delfino police then immediately arrest Mario and charge him for the crime of polluting Isle Delfino and driving out all of the island's Shine Spirits which guard the island.


Mario gets found guilty and is charged with the task of cleaning Isle Delfino from top to bottom and recovering all of the Shine Sprites.  Mario takes FLUDD and gets to work.  The game would be infamous not only from the amount of changes from Super Mario 64 (including bad voice acting), but the game has glitches and gamebreaking a plenty being Nintendo's second foray into 3D platformer development.  This game would have various technical problems that wouldn't get fixed until Super Mario Galaxy and onward.  One thing most players agree on though is the Super Mario Sunshine soundtrack whipped all kinds of ass.


As time went on reception starting turning more favorable for Super Mario Sunshine after the GameCube era ended and the Wii era began.  Then when the Wii U era came along, there were calls for Super Mario Sunshine to either be remade or be re-released somehow.  But nothing ever came of it (not helping is when Super Mario 3D World "rerighted" the Super Mario ship that was wavering post Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 on Wii).


To me Super Mario Sunshine is one of those classic games.  It had its problems, but for all the hassle, it was still fun to play to a degree (just don't expect your fun to stay if you aim for 100% completion).  I'm one of those players that does agree Super Mario Sunshine needing a remake to rebalance and fix everything that was broken about the original (from a technical standpoint).  Things like Yoshi not being able to swim to "FLUDD driving" things like that Corona Mountain boat.  Also that Pachinko course and that poison river course can fuck off!  >.<




Here's some new trivia.  Did you know Super Mario Sunshine originally had no Shine Sprites?  Back in early development, the team had Mario cleaning the pollution being the goal for the player (in that you couldn't progress without cleaning enough pollution first).


What were some of your favorite and not-so-favorite Super Mario Sunshine moments?  Do you think this game needs a remake?  Or does it need a port a la Virtual Console?

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