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PokéPark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure

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#1 Ridley Scott Ngamer01


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Posted 12 October 2017 - 07:38 PM



Before I begin, there was a topic on this, but it was so old and I'm pretty sure if I had bumped it, it would have been split into a new topic anyways, so...


Since My Nintendo had that 20% off deal for the first PokéPark game and I had some extra eShop cash to use on Wii U, I bought the "Virtual Console" version of the game.  Several years ago I was kinda put off due to the reviews, but since now the game is way cheaper, I decided to get the game.  It's like if they expanded the ol' Pokémon Stadium mini-games and tied in an adventure game into it.  I've only just started and the game so far is too cute for words.  Sure it may be easy and the controls could have been done better (seriously, no nunchuk support for running/dashing?).


The story goes one day Mew seeks out Pikachu and its friends and teleports them to the PokePark.  Apparently a sacred crystal was shattered somehow and Pikachu and crew are tasked to recover all of the shards by way of adventuring and mini-game playing.  If Pikachu doesn't recover all the shards, the PokéPark will get destroyed.  Anyways I'll continue playing off and on and maybe look for a copy of the second game.  The second game seems to have been way better to many of the players.


If you're wondering about the Pokémon themselves, the first PokéPark was released during Generation 4, so Pokémon from Unova and onward didn't exist yet.  The second game came out in Generation 5 and added some Unova Pokémon to the roster.  I'm lucky to have a capture card, so if I take any more pictures, I'll post them.  And if there's anything that could make for a good video, I could record something for YouTube (unfortunately I do not record any story-related things for any game that has a story in it).

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Posted Today, 05:15 AM

So I've been working through the game and made it to Lava Zone.  I think when I'm finished with my business here, I'll be past halfway in-game and can start working toward the finale.


The following pictures may contain spoilers (in which case I'll link to the pictures instead of posting them outright):



I played around with the in-game screenshot tool.  I forgot that utilizing in-game screenshot tools won't give high-rez stuff on Wii, but it would have been a hassle trying to juggle my controller and using Elgato's screenshot tool.


Meeting Misdreavushttp://ngamer01.choz.../files/0003.JPG


Meeting Chikorita at the Meeting Placehttp://ngamer01.choz.../files/0004.JPG


Checking out Beach Zonehttp://ngamer01.choz.../files/0005.JPG


Checking out Iceberg Zonehttp://ngamer01.choz.../files/0006.JPG

>> Part 2:  http://ngamer01.choz.../files/0007.JPG

>> Part 3:  http://ngamer01.choz.../files/0008.JPG


I could make a Christmas e-Card outta this:  http://ngamer01.choz.../files/0009.JPG


WHOSE THAT POKEMON?:  http://ngamer01.choz.../files/0010.JPG


EDIT - How fitting for this time of year:  http://ngamer01.choz.../files/0011.png

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