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Today, 05:01 AM

Towards the end of the video, were you playing as Headlock? Is that something new, or have i just not been paying attention again?

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18 October 2017 - 05:13 PM

EDIT: Testing

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18 October 2017 - 09:27 AM

About friggin' time. How long ago was it when they announced they got the dubbing rights? I wonder if that video game voice actors' strike had anything to do with why it took so long. Anyway, now i'm off to Right Stuf to pre-order a copy.


EDIT: Here's a link to the product listing: https://www.rightstu...t-1-Blu-ray-DVD I highly recommend that site. They got pretty fair prices and have a track record for often shipping out pre-orders several weeks early. Also, I didn't see it mentioned in Ngamer's post, but the listing on that site mentions that there will be an audio commentary on one episode.

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17 October 2017 - 10:31 AM

Now this is friggin' epic:

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15 October 2017 - 03:55 PM

Shortly after getting a memory card for my switch a week ago, i finally got Dragonball Z Xenoverse 2, but only now have i finally gotten around to playing it. It's been awhile since i last played a DBZ fighting game (or any fighting game (aside from smash bros.) for that matter), so it took a little bit to get back into things, but luckily the game has a decent tutorial. So far, i feel like the game is pretty fun. I've done all the basic tutorial stuff, the first story stage (vs. Raditz), a few of the "training stages" where you can earn new abilities, and now am starting to check out something called "Parallel Quests", which seems to be side stories. Overall, the game seems pretty cool, so far. I can't wait to get to some of the stuff based on the new movies and DB Super. I know some of it is DLC, which i haven't bought just yet, but i know some is still in the basic game. I also know there was a free DLC that gives you the story missions from the first Xenoverse game, but i haven't found any of that in-game yet. According to Gamefaqs, you need to reach a certain point in the story mode before the stuff from the first game starts appearing.