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Top 25 Things that are Currently Annoying Me List (and more lists)

09 July 2016 - 11:30 PM

Top 25 Things That Are Currently Annoying Me List


1. This "Buford" guy, he seems to be all over the forum.

2. Finally getting certified to work in a new field and then finding out nobody is hiring

3. 2016 seems to be the year of everybody shooting everybody.  Madness

4. Not one of you fuckers wished me happy birthday :P

5. Mighty No. 9 sucked

6. Actually having to practice at Overwatch to get better at it (the very idea!)

7.Waiting for the lightsaber I ordered back in March to come back in stock.

8.The zombie hookers that keep trying to give me blowjobs

9.Having to wait until the end of September to go kayaking  again. Love kayaking.

10. Days Gone and the new Spider Man being PS 4 exclusives

11. Nintendo not doing more DLC for Mario Kart 8.

12.  Having to choose between having some free time or having extra money to play with.

13.  Writing lists

14. My roommate and his GF not having any understanding of how a light switch works apparently.

15. Seriously, why are the lights always on when I get home and NO ONE ELSE IS THERE!!!

16. Plant not recognizing the awesomeness of The Exorcist.

17. Where the fuck is spameroo?!

18. The new Titans Return Transformers line taking forever to get to MS.

19. The fact that either Trump or Clinton will be President.

20. People that drive 30 mph on a 40 mph speed limit road. (I just want to run them into a ditch.)

21. Young people that look confused when I try to explain to them how awesome A Flock of Seagulls is.

22. Young people that look confused.when I try to explain to them who A Flock or Seagull is.

23. Crimson Tide fans

24.Co-workers that don't understand basic common sense.

25. Running out of toilet paper and realizing that my roommate has taken my last roll of toilet paper.


Top Ten Things I Absolutely Love Right Now List.


1. The guy right behind me when I'm driving, that has his brights on because he somehow knows that I want to read.

2. Plants level-headed concise well thought out calm posts about anything that causes a debate on the forum.

3. Police road blocks at 3:00 in the afternoon.

4. That guy out in the parking lot in front of my apartment, that blares his rap music with the bass all the way up just so I can jam out while I'm trying to sleep.

5.  Those wonderful 4th of July fireworks that people were doing all the way from July the 2nd to July the 7th.

6. That 110 Degrees heat index that is ever so much fun in the MS summer, because sweating is fun!

7. That guy whose turn signal has apparently been on since 1985.  It's good to know that he eventually plans to turn left.

8. My family letting me know at the last minute that I have to help them with several time consuming errands.  Thus giving me the opportunity to spend more time with them. There is nothing like spending time with family.......I hope.

9.Overwatches awesome and super fair Bastion character. He's easily the most balanced character in the game.  I'm astounded that he ever gets kill of the game. I love his turret mode, he can't move, and that puts him at such a disadvantage, only fools use it.

10. That wonderful new Metroid game that is exactly what Metroid fans wanted and will usher in a new age of Metroid fans to the series. Prime will be the first one in line come launch day!


Top Five Games I am Playing Right Now List


1. Mega Man *series* (always tops my list)

2. Overwatch

3. Mario Kart 8

4. Halo 4 (co op)

5. Hydro Thunder Hurricane


Top Five Games I am Hyped For List


1. Mafia III

2. Song of the Deep

3. Zelda: Breath of the Wild

4. Left 4 Dead 3 (it will happen, IT WILL HAPPEN!!!!) *there's the nurse with the sedative again......*

5. A metroid game that doesn't suck (it could happen, IT COULD HAPPEN!!!)


Top Ten Reasons I'm Making these Lists List


1. I'm bored

2. I haven't done one in a while

3. None of you thought of me on my birthday?!

4. Morgil will at least get a chuckle out of it.

5. I can fuck with Plant

6. Maybe Spam will come back to read it (I can dream!)

7. Reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaalllllllllllyyyyy bored

8. I needed a break from Overwatch pissing me off

9. I like to make sure every knows I'm not dead.

10. I'm coasting on the nostalgia of when these were actually funny.




I consider all of you friends. :D

Sony and Marvel agree to bring Spider-Man into the MCU!!!

09 February 2015 - 09:27 PM

Holy shit!




Part of me is excited, part of me doesn't want to see yet another rebooted spider man character.

Venting Thread

22 December 2014 - 06:15 PM

I figure it couldn't hurt to have a thread to vent whenever someone has frustrations.


I got my ass kicked at work today, not enough workers were scheduled.  Also, women are still pissing me off with their whole  "having to have a booth" thing.  For the love of god woman, your ass can handle a chair, I promise.


Also, the KFC in my hometown is fucking awful. I won't be eating there again.

Top Ten Lists and Things That Annoy Me in 2014!!!

10 December 2014 - 07:27 PM

Top Ten Things that are Annoying Me in 2014


1. My coworkers

2. Women always having to have a booth to sit in.  Apparently something about the female ass just can't handle the toughness of a chair.  50 tables can be clean at work (restaurant.) and women will still ask someone to clean a booth because heaven forbid they are forced to sit in a chair. (this is not all women, just way too damn many of them.)

3. People that have no concept of what a "turn signal" is.

4. The bitchy waitress that obviously doesn't want a tip.

5. Obamacare

6. Singularity not getting a sequel yet. (most underrated game ever)

7. Not being able to keep my Wii VC games on my Wii and my WiiU.

8. The noise my two year old Mustang, that I'm still paying for, has started making.

9. My aunt, dear god my aunt.

10. Still waiting for my Pre-ordered copy of Morgil's porno directorial debut "Cock Surge".


Top Ten Games/Franchises that need a sequel in 2015


1. Singularity

2. Mega Man (8-bit)

3. Mega Man X (16-bit)

4. Mega Man Legends

5. Metroid (2D old school side-scroller, or 3D FPS, leave the Other M formula in the trash where it belongs!)

6. Final Fight (2D side-scroller)

7. No More Heroes (god yes!)

8. Left 4 Dead

9. Timesplitters

10. Old School Resident Evil game


Top Ten Predictions for E3 2015!


1. A Call of Duty game will be announced for the Fall in a shocking move by Activision

2. Way too many people will give a shit about prediction number 1.

3. Capcom will announce that they are not making any new Mega Man or old school Resident Evil games. 

4. Capcom will also finally admit that they absolutely hate money.  They can't even stand the thought of the stuff and want to distance themselves from it as much as possible.

5. They will announce a new No More Heroes game and at least one Ace Reporter will need a towel.

6. Nintendo will announces new amiibos for already released characters in different poses. (even if the CS team has to have them at gun point)

7. One of the Big Three will embarrass themselves.

8. Celebrities that don't play video games will be onstage to promote video games.

9. It will take way too long for my Gamepro magazine to come in so I can read about the E3 news. (sorry this is from my "Top Ten Prediction for E3 1996!" list)

10. Nintendo's show will be the best (hey, it's my prediction list, if you don't like it write your own.)



Top One Reasons Why Men Cheat on Women!


1. Women



Top Ten Reaction to this Thread From Forum Users!


1. Fushi, Robok, and Sam will be very confused.

2. Prime will probably ignore it

3. Prowl will read it.

4 "Plant42 yeah'ed this"

5 "Morgil and Plant42 yeah'ed this"

6.................well shit, what happened to everybody?!



And just because I thought it was funny.


Finally bought a WiiUI!!!

17 September 2014 - 12:47 PM

Hey guys, I'm thinking about getting a WiiU this week (a certain store has the Mario Kart 8 deluxe bundle for $299 and I have an uncle that works there so I can get a 10% discount too!) and I have a few questions about the system.


Can WiiU VC games be played with a Wii Classic controller? (I don't care for the WiiU's Xbox clone controller for retro games.)


How do you move Wii VC games to the WiiU? SD card? 


Can I keep my Wii VC games on my Wii and move a copy to my WiiU so I can have copies of my Wii VC games on both?


Is it worth the $1 to upgrade Wii VC games to WiiU VC games.


I already have gold Status on CN, should I use the codes to get  closer to elite status or save them for next year?


Does any one think Plant is ready to totally rape my ass at Mario Kart 8.


Has the new Mario Kart DLC been released yet and if not then when?


Thanks fellows. Any thing else you feel I should know, please add.


EDIT* Got One! My friends also got me, Mario Kart 8, Super Mario U, Hyrule Warriors, and Smash U!!!!!