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Yesterday, 02:57 PM

CoD-wise, it was CoD 5, World at War.  Only back then the reason for lack of gore was the Wii was too weak to render it.  If somebody tried, they'll say Switch is too weak to render WWII (or if it can render it, then they'll say it's too weak to render the gore).  Generally, Final Fantasy has been censored on Nintendo consoles (only back then FF didn't become a AAA juggernaut until 7).  Early Castlevania games were censored on Nintendo platforms (IV was hit the worst on SNES).  Doom 1 and 2 got censored on the Game Boy with some blood colors being removed/changed from red.  GTA 1 and 2 got censored on Game Boy Color.


On Nintendo's side they themselves censored Ganondorf's blood in OoT's later versions because they wanted avoid a T rating (E10 didn't exist yet).


Link:  http://tvtropes.org/...rise/VideoGames

In Topic: Call of Duty: WWII (CoD 2017 - Sledgehammer Games)

Yesterday, 11:51 AM

We already know the answer to that one Plant (PS 4, XB One, and PC first; any other platform maybe later...if it's profitable to do so).


If we get lucky, it will be the same as past Nintendo CoDs -- there will be no announcement until the eleventh hour, it will launch with just four months of support, and we get no DLC outside maybe the usual preorder multiplayer map.


Also Activision would strip out the gore if there is a Switch version.

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Yesterday, 11:47 AM



If anyone wants to know the final tally, NES Classic reached 2.3 million in sales despite being supply constrained.  Nintendo will not resume production because they don't have the resources and the console was meant to be holiday 2016 special only.

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Yesterday, 11:44 AM

We all know Super Mario Bros. 2 (the Doki Doki Panic one) right?


Have some glitches!


In Topic: Miitopia for Nintendo 3DS

Yesterday, 11:42 AM



It's confirmed.  July 28th is when this game hits the 3DS in America.  If you like Miitomo and/or Tomodachi Life mixed with JRPGs, you might like Miitopia.