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In Topic: RUMOR - New Nintendo Direct Coming Before Year's End? (Or Will It Come in...

Yesterday, 07:15 PM

I could see having some kind of My Nintendo Switch rewards working at/around the holidays as being a good thing to have, not that they're going to need a lot of help getting people to buy the Switch this Christmas. :D I'm not sure if they'd go through a direct for holiday stuff, since the people who actually watch Nintendo Directs are already Nintendo fans, and that's not the player base they'd need to address for holiday buying.


I'd love to see Metroid Prime 4 info, but I honestly don't think we'll hear anything more about that until mid/late 2018 at best. I could see more Splatoon 2 info coming in there, since they're rolling out some of the stuff that was just announced bit by bit.

In Topic: ARMS

Yesterday, 10:29 AM

So I've played some Party Crash (almost all of it with Torgina, since thankfully you can play 2-player like regular online). There's some good and some meh about it. I know everyone wants to know about it, so here we are! :P


One thing they did really good is that when you play 2-player, you choose who the other player on your system will be. In our case, since Torgina has her own ARMS save file, it looks like all the coins and all the Party Crash points she earns go not only to me, but also to her save file. We played under hers last night, and when I fired up mine this morning, all of a sudden I was at level 13, and had over 500 coins. It's kind of like playing MK8 online with two people, and the second person gets to keep their VR points if they have their own save file. Nicely done, especially because we don't have to switch back and forth to make sure we both get to level up.


The events themselves are also pretty fun. Basically the bonus requirements change every 15 minutes, and then the last 5  minutes of each of those 15 minute spans is a special mode. Maybe, "So Much Rush" where your rush meter is almost always full, or a ton of Hedlok battles, or 1-hit KO matches. And it's all short enough to not get wearing on you. Look, I even have some video!




The meh part is ... I'm not sure what the point is. You get points and earn badges, but if the badges are just for show, like the regular ones you get, then I'm not sure how much I want to play again and again. Sure, it's fun to play for a while, especially with other people (I'm not enough of a fan to really play by myself much, but playing with a 10 year old next to you is enjoyable. I've heard her say, "I just mildly touched him," whenever she KOs someone so many times ... kids are weird). But it's not like a Splatfest where I feel the need to hit King so I can get all my snails, which can actually be used to upgrade gear and stuff.


Also, for good or bad, it goes on for like 3 days. I didn't realize  how much I enjoyed the fact that Splatfests are now just one day rather than 2 or 3 until the Party Crash came along. There's always that little nagging feeling, like, "I should be taking advantage of this!" That's probably more a just-me thing, though. The benefit of it being 3 days is you get some time to take breaks and come back to it.


So anyway, that's that. I suspect I'm the only one here playing this, so I'll just keep shouting into the void because I can!

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22 November 2017 - 09:31 PM

I think i may have posted about it in the music thread back in February when they first announced it and opened up pre-orders.


EDIT: found it http://forums.chozos...ber/?p=16525644


It was exciting news to me, since I don't read the music thread. Ignorance is bliss!

In Topic: The Great Morgil's Blog

22 November 2017 - 06:08 PM

I just saw that last night in Entertainment Weekly, and truly I say unto you, the first thought in my head was, "I wonder if Morgil's going to get that?"

In Topic: Call of Duty: WWII (CoD 2017 - Sledgehammer Games)

22 November 2017 - 01:31 PM

As I said in the What Are You Playan thread, Yori and I have been playing this game a lot. Sometimes I still get terrible and infuriating KDRs, mostly thanks to faggotass campers with no fucking skill to run and gun, but here is a video of the best game we had together so far.


You seem awfully focused on KDR, but you forget that what's really most important is how much turf you ink! Sure, kills matter, but they don't add to your score and get you closer to the sweet, sweet Super Sea Snails and ...


Wait, what game are you playing again?