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Today, 02:30 PM

So apparently last night while I was sleeping, my phone auto updated to the next android version, and then this morning it said it can't read the memory card. I tried plugging it into my pc, but it said it's corrupted and needs to be formatted. I don't know what happened, but I'm blaming that android update. I don't wanna lose all the data that's on the card, so does anybody here know how to recover data from a corrupted sd card before I reformat it?


Restore from backup.


You have a backup, right?

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Today, 02:27 PM

FlashingLight.gif Tournament Announcement FlashingLight.gif


As promised, the new tournament code image has been put in the Discord #mariokart chat room, and pinned. Make sure you're looking at the right one, "Chozo Crazy 8s DX", as I'm leaving the Wii U one as a pinned message, too.


​Get the code, put it in, and make sure that you can get to the entry page before Thursday. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

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Yesterday, 05:33 PM

Guessing that's not "Ninja Cool Spot", so I'm out.

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Yesterday, 01:20 PM

Chozo Crazy 8s Mario Kart Tournament

4-27-2017%20Icon.png April 27, 2017: "Goodbye Wii U!" 4-27-2017%20Icon.png


The time has come, to say fair's fair, to pay the rent, to pay our share.


Wait, what? No. But the time has come to bid farewell to racing on the Wii U. This tournament celebrated the impending release of Mario Kart 8 Durex Deluxe on the Switch, and marked us leaving the Wii U version behind as the official version to have weekly races on. To commemorate the day, Sam suggested that we all race as oldened versions of ourselves, which everyone did (except for Plant, who did manage to put on his wrinkly package, though).




We were only missing NecroPony and Nanchos, who were planning to play (at least Necro was), but then Real Life intervened and they missed the tournament. We still hold out hope that they'll have time come summer, and we'll do some Wii U tournaments when it works better for them, so they don't get left completely behind.






The planets aligned just right, and we're hitting both the end of a month (a bit of from the end of a quarter, but close enough), and the end of Wii U tournaments. Because of this, we have a full set of stats for everyone to oooo and aaaahh over, print out, sleep with under their pillow, whatever you guys do with these exciting charts. Have at it!





Total Race info is sorted by average race score



Per-Tournament scores are sorted on total overall points













Torgo and Yabo both suffered broken hips from doing The Thing at the same time.


We spent most of our time in voice chat reminiscing about our love of the Wii U, and how it'll never die, and how Switch will never die. Plant in particular professed his undying love for Wii U over and over. We also got to share in the anticipation of a guest that J9 was waiting for, and share in her tears when they never showed up (or if they did, she kept the fact hidden from everyone).


Text chat started our promising, with Septapus giving us one comic. But then it degenerated into Plant re-posting the same pictures from tournaments gone by, me deleting the ones that I always delete, and then more images being posted. If only there was a way to break this vicious cycle.




Crazed saved some replays for us all to enjoy the geriatric antics of the night.


Teeter's reaction time is really failing him in his golden years. - https://miiverse.nin...DAAB2V0gO-OGzeA


Stay right where you are, Teeter! - https://miiverse.nin...DAAB2V0gO-J6CZg


I pelt old fogies with shells left and right. Then Teeter and I perform the Red Shell Drop. - https://miiverse.nin...DAAB2V0gO-aSAkg



© Morgil™



© Robok





© Robok



© Sam



© Morgil™



© Plant42



© Torgo



© Crazed



© Sam



© J9



© Morgil™



© Crazed




As we move on, all tournaments will take place in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on Switch, unless otherwise noted before tournament time. I'll be setting the Wii U tournament to be limited by VR score, and probably set the time to something like 3 AM to 3:30 AM, so that people can't accidentally join it on Thursday nights. The new tournament code will be posted in Discord, and I'll make a post here letting people know when it's up in the pinned posts on there.


Next week's tournament will be a 150cc tournament, no special rules. Assuming I can allow and not require J9 Mode on the tournament, that will be turned on to be allowed, but it's discouraged for everyone who doesn't need it (read: If you're not J9 and maybe Yori, don't turn it on).

The tournament in two weeks will probably be a Battle Mode tournament, so we can see how crazy that is. By that time we'll have had a chance to make sure everyone can get into the normal tournament, and everything should be peachy (but not Princess Peachy).


Thanks for Wii U-ing for about 2.5 years everyone. Even though Miiverse will be gone, Bowser will continue to finish the day with:




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Yesterday, 07:41 AM

Chapter 1 of the Callie and Marie story is up. Check it out here.