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Yesterday, 01:31 PM

Chozo Crazy 8s Game Night

2-22-2018%20Icon.png February 22, 2018: "Let's try that "fast" stuff again." 2-22-2018%20Icon.png


As promised, the 200cc racing that was planned for last week zoomed into our homes and hearts this week. For most of the night, 5 brave souls raced at breakneck speeds. Morgil raced for 5 races, but was having internet problems and bailed out. We're sure he spent the rest of the night crying to himself that he couldn't have fun with us ... hey, wait a minute ...





Anyway, the rest of us had a grand old time, with two players breaking 300 points, as usually happens with the extra 5 or 6 races that we get at 200cc.




Even though I started out looking like I'd come in a solid 4th or 5th all night, I somehow managed to battle Ngamer back for first place, and a new overall high-score for a tournament at 358 points (sorry Sam, you had other things to do, and so were unseated from your highest-score-ever status).






Not many surprises here since nobody dropped out or showed up late. Just pure racing amazement!






With Crazed's soundboard offline for the night, the only real excitement that we got was when Plant asked me to type some stuff so he could break my combo. The event was immortalized by Septapus as well.




While we had some interesting events (all relating to Blue Shells), such as Plant driving under me when I got clipped by a Blue Shell, a Blue Shell apparently targeting two different people because of lag, and Yori racing so fast on Mute City that the Blue Shell had a hard time catching up to her, none of the replays really did the events justice, so not much to visually share on that. Please understand.


Ngamer shared a short clip video in Discord, though!





Next week will be Smash on Wii U, celebrating Pokemans Day. Get the full scoop from the CC8 Bot, and be sure to show up to hear Plant marvel at his new Wii U GamePad battery!


Thanks to everyone who could race this week. Give yourself a hearty,


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Yesterday, 10:21 AM

I liked the Ngamer tribute in there. And good job pointing out who the real villain of Mario Kart is: J9!

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20 February 2018 - 08:51 PM

Eh, I'll stick with my Super Mario Cereal, now that Teeter found it in the wild at our Target and let me know. I picked up another box the other night, so I'm set to play with power for a while longer.

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20 February 2018 - 04:07 PM

It's limited edition, so it must be good.

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20 February 2018 - 12:00 PM

*Fusing with a demon in privacy*

Mr Teeter opens the door: "Beautiful demon son, are ya winnin?"



I wish I could "Yeah" this 5 or 6 more times.