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#16527116 Official CS Mario Kart 8 Tournament Thread

Posted by Ridley Scott torgo on Yesterday, 01:20 PM

Chozo Crazy 8s Mario Kart Tournament

4-27-2017%20Icon.png April 27, 2017: "Goodbye Wii U!" 4-27-2017%20Icon.png


The time has come, to say fair's fair, to pay the rent, to pay our share.


Wait, what? No. But the time has come to bid farewell to racing on the Wii U. This tournament celebrated the impending release of Mario Kart 8 Durex Deluxe on the Switch, and marked us leaving the Wii U version behind as the official version to have weekly races on. To commemorate the day, Sam suggested that we all race as oldened versions of ourselves, which everyone did (except for Plant, who did manage to put on his wrinkly package, though).




We were only missing NecroPony and Nanchos, who were planning to play (at least Necro was), but then Real Life intervened and they missed the tournament. We still hold out hope that they'll have time come summer, and we'll do some Wii U tournaments when it works better for them, so they don't get left completely behind.






The planets aligned just right, and we're hitting both the end of a month (a bit of from the end of a quarter, but close enough), and the end of Wii U tournaments. Because of this, we have a full set of stats for everyone to oooo and aaaahh over, print out, sleep with under their pillow, whatever you guys do with these exciting charts. Have at it!





Total Race info is sorted by average race score



Per-Tournament scores are sorted on total overall points













Torgo and Yabo both suffered broken hips from doing The Thing at the same time.


We spent most of our time in voice chat reminiscing about our love of the Wii U, and how it'll never die, and how Switch will never die. Plant in particular professed his undying love for Wii U over and over. We also got to share in the anticipation of a guest that J9 was waiting for, and share in her tears when they never showed up (or if they did, she kept the fact hidden from everyone).


Text chat started our promising, with Septapus giving us one comic. But then it degenerated into Plant re-posting the same pictures from tournaments gone by, me deleting the ones that I always delete, and then more images being posted. If only there was a way to break this vicious cycle.




Crazed saved some replays for us all to enjoy the geriatric antics of the night.


Teeter's reaction time is really failing him in his golden years. - https://miiverse.nin...DAAB2V0gO-OGzeA


Stay right where you are, Teeter! - https://miiverse.nin...DAAB2V0gO-J6CZg


I pelt old fogies with shells left and right. Then Teeter and I perform the Red Shell Drop. - https://miiverse.nin...DAAB2V0gO-aSAkg



© Morgil™



© Robok





© Robok



© Sam



© Morgil™



© Plant42



© Torgo



© Crazed



© Sam



© J9



© Morgil™



© Crazed




As we move on, all tournaments will take place in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on Switch, unless otherwise noted before tournament time. I'll be setting the Wii U tournament to be limited by VR score, and probably set the time to something like 3 AM to 3:30 AM, so that people can't accidentally join it on Thursday nights. The new tournament code will be posted in Discord, and I'll make a post here letting people know when it's up in the pinned posts on there.


Next week's tournament will be a 150cc tournament, no special rules. Assuming I can allow and not require J9 Mode on the tournament, that will be turned on to be allowed, but it's discouraged for everyone who doesn't need it (read: If you're not J9 and maybe Yori, don't turn it on).

The tournament in two weeks will probably be a Battle Mode tournament, so we can see how crazy that is. By that time we'll have had a chance to make sure everyone can get into the normal tournament, and everything should be peachy (but not Princess Peachy).


Thanks for Wii U-ing for about 2.5 years everyone. Even though Miiverse will be gone, Bowser will continue to finish the day with:




#16527090 Official CS Mario Kart 8 Tournament Thread

Posted by Ridley Scott torgo on 27 April 2017 - 06:30 AM

A reminder that tonight is the final regular Wii U Mario Kart 8 tournament. We'll play the Wii U version sporadically in the future, from after tonight, it's Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on Switch.


Also a reminder that the cool kids will be showing up as aged versions of their Miis, because Mario Kart 8 on Wii U is now the old version ... or because we've been playing it so long ... or ... I dunno, maybe Sam just wanted an excuse to make old Miis. It was his idea. :)

#16527034 Official CS Mario Kart 8 Tournament Thread

Posted by Ridley Scott torgo on 21 April 2017 - 11:29 AM

Chozo Crazy 8s Mario Kart Tournament

4-20-2017%20Icon.png 4/20/2017: "Edom Citnarf" 4-20-2017%20Icon.png

In sweet celebration of all of our fun playing Mario Kart 8 on Wii U, tonight we went all out with excitement and enjoyed some Mirror Mode racing, paired with Frantic Mode for items. Only 6 of us were cool enough to race in this awesome setup, because Robok and J9 have real lives (sometimes even together), Yabo was busy cleaning up an avalanche of books in Torgina's room, and NecroPony and Nanchos are still students.


There was a fierce, fierce battle between first, second, and third place, with places changing throughout the night. In the end, my Poohbah calls for people to leave me along and stop hitting me because I was trying to keep Sam from winning were ignored, and Sam emerged the victor.


Score data is pretty straightforward this week, with the exception of Plant who missed a couple of races by being late, and by changing setups early on because racing as DK was too much for him.



With just 6 of us, the voice chat was more civilized than it is sometimes; then Plant42 showed up and all of that went out the window. Plant kept the text chat busy too, finding all manner of inappropriate animated GIFs for us to view, and also to goad Morgil into admitting that he's done questionable things with dogs in the past. Because of the lack of word-based text chat, Septapus got the night off, but we still have some highlight videos to share, and a few drawings.

Shells + bob-omb + bob-omb = NOOOOO! https://miiverse.nin...DAAB2V0gM0sKkYg


torgo gets a healthy helping of red and green shells before topping his meal off with a blue shell. https://miiverse.nin...DAAB2V0gM0h1KZQ

I'm hunting Crazeds, I hear they like to hang out at the finish line! https://miiverse.nin...DAAB2V0gM0zF7pQ

After near fatal bump into Plant, Morgil assassinates me from afar with a banana snipe. https://miiverse.nin...DAAB2V0gM07IM3w


© Ngamer01



© Crazed



© Morgil™



© Torgo



© Plant42



© Crazed

Next tournament marks the last of the continuous Wii U tournaments, as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe will be released next Friday. We have yet to decide what the first DX tournament will be, whether it's a regular racing one to let people get used to the controllers and setup, or if we'll dive into Battle Mode. Feel free to share your opinions if you have them. Personally I'm voting for a regular racing tournament, to shake the kinks out of the new setup, with the following tournament being Battle Mode.
Sam has suggested that to honor the fact that we've all grown old while playing Mario Kart 8 on Wii U that we should all make Miis of old versions of ourselves. White hair, wrinkly skin, increasing degrees of incontinence, the whole 9 yards. So those who wish to be remembered as "cool like an old guy (or gal)", gussy yourself up in your best guess as to what your Mii will look like 40 or 50 years from now. There's no need to also race as that Mii, but of course you're welcome to if you want to.
Hopefully we'll have a big turnout for the last Wii U tournament next week! As noted before, we'll periodically do Wii U tournaments so that we can include those that don't have a Switch, but the first tournaments after DX comes out will probably be all DX.
Bowser can't wait to evolve and show Plant his next form, but until he does, he says,

#16527019 Who's that (not a) Pokémon?!

Posted by Ridley Scott torgo on 19 April 2017 - 12:44 PM

I was actually gonna guess that, but for whatever reason I didn't. Maybe deep down inside I didn't want to have to pick a not-a-poke right now.

#16526993 Mario Kart 8

Posted by Ridley Scott torgo on 18 April 2017 - 06:06 AM

It's settled then. The first official DX tournament will be:



J9 Mode

Auto Accelerate

No Items


We can all just sit in voice chat and talk while the game does the driving, and we'll see who wins. ;)

#16526984 Mario Kart 8

Posted by Ridley Scott torgo on 17 April 2017 - 06:13 PM


It looks like an option to let you change characters/vehicles without leaving online lobbies will be in Deluxe.  Just for Torgo & Yabo (plus any other split-screeners).


Actually, this will really only be useful to Sam, giving him the ability to try any setup he wants over and over.


You have to back all the way out to the main menu and go from "1 Player Online" to "2 Player Online" in order to add a second person, so I'll still be backing out and missing a race (I don't imagine they'll have changed how that works). But I can almost hear Sam saying, "I have to change my setup!" over and over again. ;)

#16526954 Splatoon 2 for Nintendo Switch

Posted by Ridley Scott torgo on 13 April 2017 - 11:18 AM

Just a quick wrap-up from the Direct.


New amiibo, because we all need more! (Plant, behold your new canon).




I can't find anywhere if it was mentioned if these amiibo are just advanced recolors of the existing ones, or if they actual register as different ones and would give you different clothes and stuff.


And of course, Salmon Run was announced, a co-op hoard-type adventure where you take part in ensuring the genocidal destruction of the repressed minority salmon that are forced to live in squalor in a toxic location, waiting for their unborn offspring to be ruthlessly harvested by the elite upper-class Inklings, for sport and money. They fight back, "for some unknown reason."






As we watched this, Yabo was getting all excited about it because she thought the co-op stuff looked like fun. So I'm really hoping there's an unmentioned couch-co-op option in this game, since it doesn't require the GamePad. But she was even throwing around the idea of us getting another Switch so we could play together. Not that you can buy them anywhere, but maybe later. :) We'll see if that happens.


Place your votes as to if Plant will get this game and complain about it whenever I tell him to play, or if he'll pass on it. Will Prune come back and be a Splatoon convert once the voice chat phone app is out? So many questions!

#16526943 The Impact Crater

Posted by Ridley Scott torgo on 12 April 2017 - 02:44 PM

Had to save it for posterity, because at the time I'm reading this, Plant is is favorite rank!



#16526923 Mario Kart 8

Posted by Ridley Scott torgo on 11 April 2017 - 09:43 AM

Do you know what I just realized after watching that trailer?

The new "Deluxe" theme song REALLY sucks.


I know what Radio Free Brinstar will be playing on loop during this week's tournament! Just for Plant!

#16526815 Official CS Mario Kart 8 Tournament Thread

Posted by Ridley Scott torgo on 31 March 2017 - 05:19 PM

Chozo Crazy 8s Mario Kart Tournament

3-30-2017%20Icon.png March 30, 2017: "So ... tired ..." 3-30-2017%20Icon.png


On this sleepy late March day, we gathered together to mourn the loss of one of our own. J9 didn't show up to the tournament, and we can only assume that means the worst. Robok put on a good front, talking to a pretend voice and even going so far as to bang pots and dishes together to make us think that she was still among us, but we know the haunting truth. We've taken up a collection to get Robok his very own Twilight Princess Love Pillow to ease his pain.




In other news, in an effort to please Sam I did my best to race well as Toad this week. With his encouragement and words of wisdom, I managed to succeed. This was probably largely in part due to the fact that Crazed was racing as Dry Bowser, and thus had no acceleration, and also thus stayed back with the pack while allowing me to zip to victory a number of times. Also, Robok was sober, which we all know affects his ability to drive, and Yabo came in pretty late (although she did throw off the balance as expected when she showed up).






Stats this week are pretty straightforward, except for Yabo delicately handing Robok his ass based on average scores, and Plant coming in close to me (another reason Toad was victorious: Plant took extra long in the tubby this week).






First, let's get the most important thing out of the way: My expert Maxtrixing of 3 green shells on Big Blue. Robok wanted to know how I pulled off this amazing move, since he said he saw me do it (as the shells that missed me all hit him). Here ya go!




I think that this tournament's voice chat can be summed up with one word: ZeldaandRobok'slustforherinTwilightPrincess. We also talked of other LoZ-related things, and saw a large number of genitalia-related picture posts from Plant (so basically a normal night as far as Plant's concerned). For fun I turned on the new auto-moderation functionality of Discord, but I think it only outlawed one picture the entire night.


Plenty of highlight videos to share:



i get stuck on a gear towards the end - https://miiverse.nin...DAAB2V0gFOXboUA



What in the world just happened behind me! - https://miiverse.nin...DAAB2V0gFOUxiyA


Okay, now that I'm near the end of the final lap, I want everyone to hit me with every item possible - https://miiverse.nin...DAAB2V0gFO8vfng



just missed nailing plant at the end - https://miiverse.nin...DAAB2V0gFO_raDw



Plant's bob-omb blew up in my but(t) and in his face. - https://miiverse.nin...DAAB2V0gFPOGKiA



© Crazed



© Crazed



© Morgil™



© Ngamer01



© Crazed



© Robok



© Morgil



© Plant2



© Torgo




Here's a question to those of you who have read this far down (which means Plant won't get a say in things): With the dearth of birthdays for a while, do people enjoy the "suggested themes", or would people prefer to just race as whoever they want at 150cc mostly? I can try and come up with some (as always optional) ideas for themes, such as certain Miis to make, or racing as a certain character, or we can just continue with standard races, maybe throwing a 200cc or Mirror in there now and then. Opinions?


We're also less than a month to MK 8 DX, in which we'll get to try Battle Mode. Does anyone have thoughts on if we should just try it at an hour and a half and see how it goes, or if we want to only do one hour? I think I'm voting for trying an hour and a half, especially at first, but let's hear what the masses have to say.


Other than that, thanks to everyone who raced this week. You've earned this:


#16526763 Screenshot Sharing Thread

Posted by Ridley Scott torgo on 27 March 2017 - 06:08 PM

Suck it, losers. While you're playing BotW, I'm rocking 1-2 Switch with Yabo. And handing her ass to her in Telephone, were I beat her in answering a pretend phonemail by 2/100 of second!



#16526761 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Wii U / Switch) - Post-Release (MIND...

Posted by Ridley Scott torgo on 27 March 2017 - 03:10 PM


#16526740 Splatoon 2 for Nintendo Switch

Posted by Ridley Scott torgo on 26 March 2017 - 08:46 AM

Also, i had a bit of trouble with the controls for some reason. First of all, it took me a while how to figure out how to turn off the retarded motion controls. Also, i kept hitting the wrong buttons for things. I don't know if they changed the button layout from the first game, but often i found myself trying to jump and instead accidentally bringing up the map.


Yes, they did. X used to be Jump, which is now B. Sam and I were both complaining on the first night of bringing up the map all the time, but by last night I'd mostly gotten used to it. My biggest complaint so far was that you can't shift Y-axis with the right stick anymore.


Best part about my second night was trying the rollers, and getting this dual-Splashdown with an enemy. I must have started just after, because ... well:


#16526682 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Wii U / Switch) - Post-Release (MIND...

Posted by Ridley Scott torgo on 22 March 2017 - 01:40 PM

I assume that that's a 100% speedrun?


I think Ngamer meant 47 minutes, 59 seconds, since the link shows 47:59, and the article talks about expecting future speed runs to come in at more like half an hour. Any%, obviously.

#16526658 Official CS Mario Kart 8 Tournament Thread

Posted by Ridley Scott torgo on 21 March 2017 - 06:33 PM

Ok, ok, quit your crying and complaining everyone. It's taken me almost a week to put together this awesome, involved, blockbuster video, so gather the family around, make some popcorn, and have at it!