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Awesome Shin Megami Tensei Stuff on the Internet

18 April 2017 - 07:20 PM

Fuck, so the best video game statue thing EVER has just surfaced, but it's like, 400 FUCKING DOLLARS!


Ladies and Gentlecunts, meet Mara.





Look at all that fine detail! Never before have you been able to see the intricacies of this fine character.





And he's really BIG, too! Check out the size of this thing next to a traditional 12cm CD.




And here is is from the top view. Who knew that Mara has such a well-pronounced sack?!





Here's another view from a rarely seen perspective.





And apparently he's holding this... semi-phallic metal shaft, although I cannot identify it in any of the above photos. Perhaps it's an optional prop?





Anyway, I'm not sure if it's even possible to buy this thing here in the states. Although everything else on the page seems to indicate that it's possible, the "description" part reads: * For sale in Japan only.


Anyway, $382.63 (as the current 10% off price shows) is still way too much money for this magnificent schlong. If only it were a mere hundred--maybe two...



Switch Friend Codes

03 March 2017 - 02:35 PM

These fucktarded things are back.

You can make friends via "suggested friends" of your friends on miitomo, but if you're not, you gotta use friend codes. Post your shit here.

Yeah, I'm gonna be lazy and do mine this way.

56k warning.



>>Edit to maintain the OP relephant.


Plant: 3623-1079-8998

Ngamer: 6250-0710-6831

Torgo: 1116-8800-1820

Teeter: 1576-6436-4892

Robok: 5866-3119-1888

X: 2715-8488-3494

Google Hunt: Age of Anarchy

08 February 2017 - 06:44 PM

You know the rules.
...or do you?
Guess the game from the clue. Only 1 guess per day. Winner starts the next round. Okay, now let's get this shit started.

Clue 1: Do you need a new one of these?
Clue 2: This kinda blows
Clue 3: Step right up, win a prize!

Clue 4: Not so fast!

Clue 5: Because who doesn't love balls in their mouth?

Clue 6: Don't lie; you know you wanna go.

Got Switch Yet?

12 January 2017 - 10:02 PM

Step your game up, bitches.


From Best Buy.

Switch 2017 Pre-Event BETS

12 January 2017 - 05:53 PM

Showtime is in less than 2.5 hours, and none of you will probably give a fuck, but I'm posting this anyway.


EasyAllies (former GameTrailers guys) have a thing where they bet on things that will happen at gaming events, such as E3. They're doing a Betting Special for tonight's Switch event.


Basically, they all come up with predictions about what will happen at the show, and make others bet on the likelihood of their occurrence. It's a fun video, but it's kinda long. I don't expect anyone to actually watch this, but if there's anything that can get my hyped about tonight's shitshow, it's this!



Because I'm pretty sure nobody will sit through this, I'm going to post all of the bets from the video right here, without spoiler tags. I don't know how I'll remember all of this--I probably won't--but it'll be nice to keep in the back of my mind while watching the presentation, like a Bingo board or checklist.


If you're planning on watching this, don't read any further until you do! :P



1.) Will the word "Metroid" be spoken?

2.) Will Wario reveal himself? (make an appearance)

3.) Will the phrase "You're a kid now, you're a squid now" reveal itself?

4.) Will Wave Race be shown in any form?

5.) Will Waluigi speak? (this includes grunts, laughs, etc.)

6.) Will Link reveal HERSELF?


HIGHER/LOWER Bets (Contestants answer, and then guess if number is too high or too low)

1.) How many rupees will we see? RESPONSE: 25; REPLY: Too High

2.) How many Fire Flowers will appear? RESPONSE: 6; REPLY: Too High

3.) How many Switch games shown will star Mario? RESPONSE: 4; REPLY: Too High

4.) How many Double Jumps [will be shown]? RESPONSE: 4; REPLY: Too Low

5.) How many Switch clicks [marketing sound effects] will we hear during the presentation? RESPONSE: 11; REPLY: Too High

6.) How many times will the phrase "Make the Switch" be said? RESPONSE: 3; REPLY: Too High


Double Down on Don (Everbody guesses at Don's question for double points)

1.) How many times will a word be spoken out loud that rhymes with the word "Switch"?

• Bloodworth's guess: 15

• Bosman's guess: 9

• Hinck's guess: 26

• Huber's guess: 2

• Moore's guess: 3

• Jones's guess: 0


Price Prediction

1.) What will be the lowest confirmed price for the Nintendo Switch?

• Bloodworth's guess: $299.99

• Bosman's guess: $249.99

• Hinck's guess: $299.99

• Huber's guess: $299.99

• Moore's guess: $249.99

• Jones's guess: $199.99