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15 February 2018 - 09:02 AM

While I was cleaning up my desktop and backing up some files I found this post that was lost in The Great Purge of 2018*. I figured I might as well reupload it because why not.


I might get around to the others as well, but I don't have the html versions of those post. If I added a bunch of links or "acronyms" to those post it's going to take a little more work to reupload them as I would have to reapply all those links and "acronyms".


Anyway, here's this post again with ever-so-slightly improved grammar:

My adventures in Hyrule have long since come to an end, but the journey can be relived through the screenshots I captured and shared on Miiverse*. Ah, memories. But this post isn't about memories that were already shared, but to the ones that were not.

Yes, there are around two dozen screenshots that I dare not post on Miiverese for fear that it would be inappropriate for the innocent, good-natured kids on Nintendo's lil' social networking website. So I thought it be for the best to share them here with you delinquents. With that said, let us look back on the hero, the legend, and overall creep of the land of Hyrule.

The catalyst for the imagery you are soon to bare eyes on was this post shared by Big'nBeard. I was quite amused that the game acknowledged whether players had Link clothed or not.

I didn't think of the image until my quest led me to Zora's Domain. Low on supplies I decided to stop by the local shop. It was there I ran into a Goron that was aghast that I was oblivous to the existense of Death Mountain. When I looked upon his face filled with bewilderment and shock, the memories of Beard's post suddenly came back to me; this was the perfect moment to strip. As I was trying to get the ideal camera angle for the shot I realized the text window could be placed over Link's crotch and buttock as if it was a black censor box. With a little more fine tuning the Hylian Streaker was born:
Hey, my eyes are up here, buddy!
The Hylain Streaker's genitals were the stuff of legends. It was always on the tip of the tongues amongst the people of Hyrule. They often gave it names such as:


Whenever the opportunity presented itself the Hylian Streaker would immediately remove all clothing and weapons with reckless abandon to give his perceived audience the show that he believed, nay, knew they deserved.

It became an addiction that could not be stop. Even when discretion should have been practiced it was neglected, not unlike these poor children:

When such opportunities were not available, oh how the nudist of legend yearned to let his deku stick and seeds hang free in the gentle breeze. To hold his hands on his hip, stand tall and proud, and present his tingleberries to the unassuming citizens of the land of Hyrule. It was during these times I was able to have some Miiverse-friendly fun. Well, not entirely. Although clothes were worn, here's one situation that might cross the Miiverse line:


As a bonus, here are a few images that are from the Fallen Hero timeline, also known as The Withering:

In Topic: Nintendo System Updates - 2/14/18: Nintendo Accounts Updated

14 February 2018 - 06:26 PM

Also make it easier to sign up for their services using a Nintendo account. EA had something like that for Xbox Live and, I assume, PlayStation Network.

In Topic: Chozo Crazy 8s Game Night

10 February 2018 - 02:36 PM

Wow, we really washed out on that last wave. We might have won If torgo carried his own weight.

In Topic: Chozo Crazy 8s Game Night

09 February 2018 - 06:59 PM

As previously mentioned by torgo, I created video highlighting some fun moments from last week's Mario Kart Tournament.

Plant, you may want to watch this video as I answer the question you pose last week. Sorry I waited so long to respond, but I think you'll be most satisfied with my answer. ;)



I may make another video highlighting the events of last night, but I don't know if I captured enough material to warrant it. If anything else, it'll be practice for some ideas I have involving Splatoon.

In Topic: Chozo Crazy 8s Game Night

09 February 2018 - 03:33 PM

Not since Thanksgiving have I feasted upon such a bounty of pies. Scrumptious.

Huh, I did better than I thought. I honestly thought my splat-to-splatted ratio was very far worse than that. Good for me. Bad for my enemies.