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In Topic: Discussion: Loot Boxes in Games

17 November 2017 - 05:51 PM

IGN spent a hundred bucks in Battlefront 2 for currency before they were changed, got enough crafting parts to move a common card to uncommon. Pure shit. http://m.ign.com/art...c20a4296e00001c

In Topic: Discussion: Loot Boxes in Games

16 November 2017 - 07:11 PM

Yeah, been meaning to get back here to add more. More drama surrounding the Star Wars Battlefront 2 launch. Gamers did the math based on credits earned per match, not counting challenges. Instead of 40 hours, it will now take approximately 10 hours (15000 credits) now for Vader/Luke since EA reduced the credit cost of heroes. Overall, it will take over 4200 hours to unlock everything (aka more than 6 months of in game time) or over $2500 for everything in the game. Also interesting, at 40 hours per week based on the currency system in place now, it amounts to a gamer "being paid" approximately 80 cents/hour for in game currency/rewards, if that makes sense. The EA AMA on reddit was pretty much 'we're always looking at way to improve/open to suggestions' aka pr bullshit again. Many noteworthy news and Media outlets have taken notice of 'Disney enabling gambling among kids.' Reviews could be better BECAUSE THE GAME ITSELF IS GOOD, but the microtransaction ptw BULLSHIT is hindering the scores from being higher, cited as a very common, probably the most common criticism of the game. Why pay 60 bucks for a ftp, ptw style game where people can have advantages over others?!

Several countries are now also evaluating the way in which EA has set up their microtransaction/loot box system for this game as well to determine if it is considered gambling. The argument can go either way; if you pay for the chance at some iyem, even though you dont know what it is, its not gambling? Inb4 'But it's a digital item.' Or worse, in Battlefront 2's case, star cards for boosts/advantages. Inb4 'does that mean if you play a $10 hand of blackjack at the casino and are 100% guaranteed to "*win*" 1 penny every game, is that no longer considered gambling?'

I think it's all calculated. They promised free DLC, and I just KNEW the caveat with this would be loot boxes. OK. Fine. They overpriced everything even after the beta so they could have a calculated reduction prior to launch to look like they're listening. While they are "re-evaluating" it all (supposedly), they'll keep prices and in-game currency earning the same now through the holidays at the very least. PRIME TIME FOR SALES OF THE GAME AND PURCHASES OF LOOT BOXES WILL BE THIS HOLIDAY SEASON. THE TIME FOR THEIR HIGHEST PROFIT IS NOW, ALIGNED WITH THE HOLIDAY AND NEW MOVIE COMING OUT. THERE WILL NEVER BE A MORE OPTIMAL TIME FOR GAME, OR MICROTRANSACTION, SALES THAN THERE IS NOW! And of course they fuckin know this. It's smart, to try at least. But the gaming community appears to be fed up enough to be making national/worldwide headlines and impacting review scores, canceling pre-orders and getting this evaluated by several countries to see if it's gambling or not. Truly, it will be interesting to see how it all plays out and if EA actually makes REASONABLE adjustments. At the end of the day, their current credit reward system is outrageous and there is no way in hell they didn't have this all calculated out. The system is designed help you complete lots of credit-earning challenges within the first few hours of gameplay, then to pressure you to shell out money in the worst way possible for us as consumers for their in-game items when the amount of credit drops/challenges/loot boxes earned or completed just diminishes.

All of that said, I am buying the game and excited to play it, however, am very hopeful and optimistic that the credits earned per game ratio and other things are adjusted so the game isn't and grind. Maybe I'm naive. But, I will NOT be spending money on the in-game loot. I don't do it for other games, so why would I for this one?

I'd also like to include that Respawn also did things right. All DLC is free in Titanfall 2. New maps, new titans, new game modes--all of it, free. The items available for purchases to support the developers are in-game cosmetic/skin/logo packs WHICH ALLOW YOU TO SEE THE CONTENTS OF WHAT YOU'RE PAYING FOR! :O Like the pack with that laser red skin? Buy it, $1.99, dobe deal. Not pay for a chance to maybe get a skin, but sorry probably not the one you were wanting, perhaps if you try again though? In this day and age, that's practically a unicorn, unheard of anymore! Oh but wait...EA recently bought them out...:(

EDIT: Apparently abut an hour after posting this, EA has "temporarily" shut down any ability to purchase their in-game currency with real money, making the game progression only based on time spent playing the game and earning credits as opposed to IRL spending for ptw. This is for the launch of the game, "until further noticr" after adjustments have been made to the game currency mechanics. I've heard tell that this is to throw off the investigations of accusations of gambling, and also heard the CEO of Disney spoke with the CEO of EA today on the phone but details were sparse, with lots of people on imgur and reddit who stated that they have worked with Disney in the past and they take allegations against their image extremely seriously. May need to take this with a grain of salt, or may need to still getchur popcorn.

In Topic: The Skyrim Thread

16 November 2017 - 11:19 AM

IGN gave it an 8, same score as the Enhanced Edition on Xxbone/PS4/PC, but the draw is Skyrim on the go. I may get it if it hits 15 bucks, but I otherwise have bought it twice already. If you haven't played it, I cannot recommend it enough.

In Topic: [Post-Release] Super Mario Odyssey (Switch) - PLEASE TAG YOUR SPOILERS!

14 November 2017 - 08:08 PM

So I beat Odyssey tonight. Wow, what an ending to a video game. And overall, just what a fun game. Onward to continue gettin those moons!

In Topic: [Post-Release] Super Mario Odyssey (Switch) - PLEASE TAG YOUR SPOILERS!

11 November 2017 - 08:47 AM

I assume under 25 sec is the next moon, but damn it it's so hard to even get what I got!!