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Nintendo to Release SNES Classic in 2017

19 April 2017 - 06:17 AM

Nintendo Will Reportedly Release SNES Classic Edition This Year http://www.ign.com/a...tion-this-year?

Thoughts on cost? Games to be included? Length of the controller cord? Store availability?

I am interested in this all the way, but, at retail value, not through scalpers on EBAY. I hope Nintendo stocks more of this than the NES Classic Edition. Anything $80 or under would sound good to me, but I'd probably still bite at $100. Hoping for SMRPG, Earthbound, Super Mario World, the 3 DKC games, Super Metroid, maybe some of the MegaMan or Final Fantasy games (if they can do that? Mostly cause I've never played them...), Kirby games, ALttP, (blanking on the name) the Yoshi/baby Mario game, F-ZERO & Starfox.

Star Wars Battlefront II MEGATHREAD

17 April 2017 - 08:46 AM

Star Wars Battlefront 2 was officially unveiled over the weekend. It will feature a new class system, span all eras of the Star Wars universe, have space battles, a brand new campaign taking place between the events of episodes 6 & 7, and possibly the best news of all, [reportedly] no season pass! I'm sure there will be microtransactions of some sort, probably an RNG-inspired loot rewards system, but details have been sparse. The announcement and reveal trailer were awesome & are shared in the below links. The game will have dedicated online servers, and I guess an offline 2-P co-op mode as well. Check the trailer below and sound off. Will you be getting it?

Personally, I've enjoyed the hell outta Batllefront. Bought the game for $40, and season pass for $35, and feel that I got my money's worth out of it all. I still occasionally play because it's a ton of fun! Major criticisms were the lack of story and the $50 season pass. But the here were many free additions such as the Battle of Jakku expansion & ability to get Hutt Contracts.



Perception by Ex-Bioshock Devs, (a "Spiritual Successor" to Sadness?)

13 February 2017 - 11:49 AM

Probably coincidentally, a game reminiscent (to me at least) of Sadness has been announced by ex-Bioshock developers. Perception will focus on a blind woman who must tap her cane aginst the floor/wall to create an echolocation to "see," while maintaining a quiet enough tap so as to not alert the enemies within the mansion being explored. Gameplay will focus on audible cues to progress. No release date has been announced yet, but it will be released on PC/PS4/XBONE. It is set in 1800's Mass.

Horror Game From Ex-BioShock Dev Coming to Xbox One http://www.ign.com/a...n-coming-to-ps4

Comparatively, Sadness was set in the past as well, heavily dependant on Slavic mythology. It was to be all black-and-white, with the main protagonist's son being blind or in some way injured with bandages covering his eyes, but, if I remember correctly, having some sort of sense or connection to the various creatures within the Eastern European setting. There may be other comparisons as well, but as I'm at work right now, I can't watch the gameplay video.

Thoughts on this plant? Lol.

Overwatch Thread

19 November 2016 - 01:03 PM

This weekend is a free to play weekend for Overwatch. I've only played solo & not partied-up with any friends on XBL or anything, but...I get it now. I finally get why peopleare crazy about this game. I never understood it before, but...hear me.out.

There are about 25 characters in all, each of which has very unique abilities. They all also fit in 1 of 4 categories, such as Healer, Tank, Offensive or Defensive, etc. The gameplay that I've experienced so far is pretty much King of the Hill, an objective mode of getting something through checkpoints from point A to point B, or something similar to Deathmatch.

Here's why this game is addicting as hell: you can play modes where you pick 1 hero (all different than the rest of your team), everyone can be the same hero, or Heros are chosen at random. To get your special attack, you must deal damage to the opposing team, and again each character has their own special attack. Each time you level up, you get random loot boxes full of various credits or cosmetics for the characters in the game. This is similar to REQ packs in Halo 5, or Operations packs in Gears 4. Additionally every so many wins will grant a loot box. On top of all that, after each match is a 'play of the game' which is fun to watch. Then everybody votes on the 'top player' based on various metrics, such as total kills, total damage given, most damage blocked, etc.

The game is fun to pick up and play for a bit. It's on sale on the XBL marketplace for like $36, which is consistent with the Black Friday sales putting it around $35.

EDIT: What I found a bit comical is how this game is online only with no campaign, but the general consensus is that that's ok. But for Battlefront, which has way more content IMO, it wasnt, cause people wanted a story for Star Wars. Same goes for Titanfall, and Evolve. I guess Overwatch only launched with 3 modes (it had more now though). The story mode was remedied in Titanfall 2 though, and it sounds like it may be for the inevitable Star Wars Battlefront 2. I don't particularly care for buying a game for online only myltiplayer, bease after the sequel is out and the community has moved on those maps basically become a baron Wasteland lol. But, I know that if I do buy games like that, I'll be playin the hell outta em.

RUMOR: PoKeMoN Stars in Development for Nintendo Switch

18 November 2016 - 11:00 AM


Pokemon Stars: Third Version of Sun/Moon Reportedly Coming to Nintendo Switch http://www.ign.com/a...intendo-switch?

Summary: the 3rd version of Pokémon in the Alola region will release with better texturing on the Nintendo Switch in 2017. Thoughts?