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Discussion: Loot Boxes in Games

11 November 2017 - 06:32 PM

Starting a lazily put together thread for open discussion on a hot topic in gaming nowadays: loot boxes.

While many Nintendo games don't appear to have loot boxes incoporate yet (hell, Nintendo just began its forray into season passes), loot boxes have been around for awhile on many free to play (ftp) games as a way to generate revenue for the developer. Often items include skins or voicelines, etc.

However, you may or may not be aware of the transition of loot boxes into more AAA-title games. Overwatch arguably does the loot box system very well. All characters and abilities are available from loading the game. The only items available in loot boxes in Overwatch are sprays, voicelines, player icons, highlight intros, and skins. Nothing can influence the actual gameplay yo give an advantage over another character. You can grind, as you get a loot box every time you level up which is about every hour and a half of gameplay.

While I haven't played it, the new Shadow of Mordor game has loot boxes in it, as a single player game. I'm not sure how this works really.

Major games like Cod and Battlefield have seen an increase in revenue in the loot box system compared to the season pass model, which can seperate the player base. Gears 4 was grindy as hell, but thankfully for only weapon skins or characters skins. There were abilities to unlock for character classes in Horde as well though.l, for example, to carry extra grenades as a soldier or do more turret damage as a heavy, etc. Halo 5 had the Req system in place, where once you unlock an item you won't he t it/a duplicate, again. Other games have duplicates, but you get their in game currency or credits towards "purchasing" or crafting an item you want, such as that Master Chief voiceline in Halo or playing as Raam, Skorge or Myrahh in Gears. Often, "events" incetivize consumers to grind for the chance at an unlock for a limited time (say, a weekend in Gears, or an event for 3 weeks in Overwatch), or can alternatively pay real money for a chance to unlock it. This is part of where the controversy kicks in. Paying for the chance (gambling?) to unlock your favorite character/skin.

Battlefront 2 is one of the latest additions to this. "Free DLC" has been advertised like crazy, but EA has failed to mention that the free characters will still be locked behind an in game progression system. They have plans to drop updates to have Finn or Phasma, Grievous or others in game, but can only be unlocked eith 60,000 credits (people have done the math: without completing challenges, this equates to about 40 hours of gameplay time). However, class abilities such as 30% higher defense or 25% extra samage are also available in game. This is a game-enhancing loot box, pay to win (ptw), BULLSHIT system. Many are cancelling pre-orders and boycotting the release whivh probably wont do a lot unfortunately, because Star Wars. The developers have been silent as well, ehich is shady. The reddit page is littered with complaints and objections to their method. https://www.reddit.c...arsBattlefront/

More to come, but wanted to start the discussion or debate for opinions and thoughts. For those thinking this may not pertain, what about when Nintendo incoporate this stuff into their games? Smash Bros with characters/skins/items behind loot boxes anyone? Mario Kart with the same stuff? I hate the thought of it.

Marvel Heroes Omega

08 July 2017 - 09:52 AM

Marvel Heroes has been out for years on PC. After a beta phase on PS4, it has now officially been released as Marvel Heroes Omega on both PS4/XBONE. The spiritual successor (?) of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1& 2, the game is free to play and download instantly. All heroes are available to level 10 to try each one out, but must be purchased with real money (G's) or in-game items called Eternity Splinters. The game plays similar to Diablo; a dungeon crawler-esque grind for the best loot and eternity splinters for new characters.

Currently, daredevil is free to doanload. If even slightly interested in the game, I strongly recommend downloading Daredevil right away before he's no longer offered for free.

Other characters include:

Top-Tier (750 eternity splinters): Spiderman, Ghost Rider, Deadpool, Wolverine, Dr. Strange, Jean Gray, Rocket Raccoon, & Iron Man

Mid-Tier (500 eternity splinters): Storm, She-Hulk, Scarlet Witch, Punisher, Blade, Captain America, Luke Cage,Magik, Cyclops, Gambit, Psylocke, Colossus, Beast, Iceman, Black Panther, Moon Knight, Thor, Ant-Man, & Star Lord

Low-Tier (200 eternity splinters): Hawkeye, Hulk, Kitty Pride, Angela, Black Widow, Captain Marvel, Nova, & Squirrel Girl.

Developer Gazillion has tons more characters on the PC version that they'll be bringing to console. Announced thus far are Black Cat, Elektra, & Nightcrawler, while they're pushing for a simultaneous release of Spiderwoman on both console & PC as well.

The Fantastic 4 were in the PC version, along with the Silver Surfer, but the licensing just expired the day of the launch on console. The Fantastic 4 have gotten a shit-treatment from Fox on the big screen, and many speculate that Marvel is taking a hiatus from them on the video game front as well as comics for the past 2 or so years.

Personally, I wish the eternity splinters could be earned faster. 1 is guaranteed to appear every 7 minutes, but sometimes thanks to RNGesus, 2, 3, 4, or 5 have the possibility of dropping. Because of this, the game is grindy if you don't wanna spend money on it. The characters seem overpriced in real-life currency IMO, and the bundles offered aren't great from a "discount" perspective. Gaz has gotten a lot of hate because of this; character prices were increased from the PS4 beta. I wish the tiers were 200, 425, and 675, but oh well, what do I know.

Anybody else played this game, heard of it, or considering it now?

Nintendo to Release SNES Classic in 2017

19 April 2017 - 06:17 AM

Nintendo Will Reportedly Release SNES Classic Edition This Year http://www.ign.com/a...tion-this-year?

Thoughts on cost? Games to be included? Length of the controller cord? Store availability?

I am interested in this all the way, but, at retail value, not through scalpers on EBAY. I hope Nintendo stocks more of this than the NES Classic Edition. Anything $80 or under would sound good to me, but I'd probably still bite at $100. Hoping for SMRPG, Earthbound, Super Mario World, the 3 DKC games, Super Metroid, maybe some of the MegaMan or Final Fantasy games (if they can do that? Mostly cause I've never played them...), Kirby games, ALttP, (blanking on the name) the Yoshi/baby Mario game, F-ZERO & Starfox.

Star Wars Battlefront II MEGATHREAD

17 April 2017 - 08:46 AM

Star Wars Battlefront 2 was officially unveiled over the weekend. It will feature a new class system, span all eras of the Star Wars universe, have space battles, a brand new campaign taking place between the events of episodes 6 & 7, and possibly the best news of all, [reportedly] no season pass! I'm sure there will be microtransactions of some sort, probably an RNG-inspired loot rewards system, but details have been sparse. The announcement and reveal trailer were awesome & are shared in the below links. The game will have dedicated online servers, and I guess an offline 2-P co-op mode as well. Check the trailer below and sound off. Will you be getting it?

Personally, I've enjoyed the hell outta Batllefront. Bought the game for $40, and season pass for $35, and feel that I got my money's worth out of it all. I still occasionally play because it's a ton of fun! Major criticisms were the lack of story and the $50 season pass. But the here were many free additions such as the Battle of Jakku expansion & ability to get Hutt Contracts.



Perception by Ex-Bioshock Devs, (a "Spiritual Successor" to Sadness?)

13 February 2017 - 11:49 AM

Probably coincidentally, a game reminiscent (to me at least) of Sadness has been announced by ex-Bioshock developers. Perception will focus on a blind woman who must tap her cane aginst the floor/wall to create an echolocation to "see," while maintaining a quiet enough tap so as to not alert the enemies within the mansion being explored. Gameplay will focus on audible cues to progress. No release date has been announced yet, but it will be released on PC/PS4/XBONE. It is set in 1800's Mass.

Horror Game From Ex-BioShock Dev Coming to Xbox One http://www.ign.com/a...n-coming-to-ps4

Comparatively, Sadness was set in the past as well, heavily dependant on Slavic mythology. It was to be all black-and-white, with the main protagonist's son being blind or in some way injured with bandages covering his eyes, but, if I remember correctly, having some sort of sense or connection to the various creatures within the Eastern European setting. There may be other comparisons as well, but as I'm at work right now, I can't watch the gameplay video.

Thoughts on this plant? Lol.